April 5, 2011


$FCX - plenty of room

Where would you put a stop in $CLF ?

No logical spot to put a stop if this takes out highs tomorrow unless we get some sideways action. It can go with out me if it decides to go.

$IDCC Gap Fill

Might be worth a look here if IDCC can get a little side ways movement before trying to fill this gap. Holding above its 50d for now.

Watching to see if $ILMN can hold above 50d.

The 10/50d moving averages might create a low risk spot to enter ILMN.

$ARW Setting Up

Breaking out of a small rising channel today to the upside. Alerts set at 43.00.

$HOC Working itself higher today.

$ALXN Working Well

Pocket Pivot/ Break Out in $GLD

Up volume today was higher than the highest down volume day in the last 10days and as far back as 28 days.

Long $SLW

Long on this break out at 45.85. Stop right below today's low at 43.25, but will trail it with the the 10d moving average. Target is 52-53ish.

$WTW 50cents off it's Measured Move


$NOV Cup & Handle

$UNP on Radar

$SLV and $GLD