April 4, 2011

$CXO Breaking out today.

Would've like to have seen heavier volume. Possibly when it takes out highs.

$WYNN Holding Up

Today might have been a good to day to enter or add to longs if you bought the gap up on Friday.

$APA & $APC resting on lower volume

$BHI - Long entry at 75.25


$RL just barely making new highs

$UA adding to gains today

$TZOO continuing higher on above average volume

$PPO Breaking Out

Volume wasn't too impressive.

$LULU so close to making new highs today...

Alerts/Buy Stops set at 91.50

$HOC Entry

30 Min
Tweet first entry at 62.85


$OIH Cup and Handle

$SLB one to watch right here.

Broke out on heavy volume, consolidating on declining volume. Looking good for higher.

$SRCL working really well

$WLL Creating a nice pivot here.

I really like how well it has respected it's 50d.

$ROK heading to 100

Created a nice pocket pivot at the 91.50-93.50. Now have to wait to see how to acts around 100.00