September 11, 2014

Most valuable advice ever given.

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cubbiebears: typically i will only own 3-4-5-6 stocks and then own them in a big way..... 
cubbiebears: i have been essentially 200% long tsla gpro and mbly 
ely: the mov ein mbly and gpro are nothing compared to what it cld do after a htf 
jwhitcraft: When did you make your first buy in MBLY? 
cubbiebears: i took off 20% of the mbly and gpro yesterday
cubbiebears: i bought back the mbly today at 53.6ish
jwhitcraft: So 200% margin...equal third in TSLA GPRO and MBLY?
jwhitcraft: Or like 100 and 50 50 
cubbiebears: i am prob 100% tsla and 50% the other 2 
jwhitcraft: Thank s tons cubbie...helps me understand enormouslly!
cubbiebears: i am not always right but when i am right i want to be right in a big way 
cubbiebears: i bought mbly at 40 
jwhitcraft: Ahhhh... 
cubbiebears: gpro like 46-48
cubbiebears: one thing else to sort of understand 
cubbiebears: we are very very small players in here....there are a lot of large players who have missed a stock like mbly so they waiting for a set up now......
cubbiebears: i talked to 2-3 guys who can't get in and will be fine catching it from 70-150 
JT: Cubbie very important what you just said there.  We are so early to stuff that sometimes we trip ourselves up thinking the move is over. 
cubbiebears: ok jwhit if u have questions fire away i have a few mins 
Caccavale: cubbie I saw you mention taking GPRO off the watchlist or else you might do something stupid if watching it constantly.  I took that advice since I do a lot of stupid things and it really helped me sit through that downgrade on GPRO.  So thank you for that. 
JT: When in fact it takes these funds MONTHS to get in what we do in a few minutes.
cubbiebears: a friend of mine manages a small cap fund for roppel and she is doing a study on these ipos which i will share at some point
cubbiebears: we dont need a study to know u just have to try and sit 
Englebrecht: Cub-what would be your basic sell rules on MBLY? 
MJ12: pur[pose of the study? to find out how far and long the best of them can travel?
cubbiebears: by starting w a massive position and then trimming u have locked in a lot of profit and then i try to have a "normal" position by the time it starts to correct
cubbiebears: money mangagement is really the key to everything
cubbiebears: anyone can pick stocks and read charts 
Englebrecht: Cubbie-How did MBLY get on your radar b4 you bought it? 
ely: twtr?
cubbiebears: probably some knucklehead in here 
JT: And one thing on the weekly MBLY and ALL powerful Ipo names is the FIRST Week's CLOSE.  37 was the price on MBLY. 
cubbiebears: i run an ipo scan in mktsmith 
GVGOLF1: Cubbie, on the sell side. You bought first postion 46-48. What if it goes down? 43,42,40 etc? 
GVGOLF1: Cubbie, on the sell side. You bought first postion 46-48. What if it goes down? 43,42,40 etc? 
John: Don't think it should impact price of TWTR do you? 
cubbiebears: i would never give it that much room 
GVGOLF1: How much room??? 
cubbiebears: usually when i am right i am right from the start
devanebb: cubbie once 20% correction ensues what will you be looking for to re-enter 
jwhitcraft: Critcial statement...when I'm right...I'm right from the start! 
cubbiebears: not really looking to re-enter something that deep
cubbiebears: the best stuff doesnt come in like that
cubbiebears: i am then looking for the next stock
cubbiebears: for example...i am not the guy looking to re-load on something like VIPS here 
John: MBLY equipment is only in 2% of all cars sold globally today, but that should substantially increase in the future. 
cubbiebears: i am on to the next best mover
ely: to me mbly is a hold tight and sit