April 3, 2011

$AME - Sector Leader to keep an eye on

$ACI Might be one to keep on your watch list.

$HOC Pivot entry

Nothing Bullish about $FFIV 's chart

Trading below all major moving averages.

$BHI Would like to see it hold here

Would love to see BHI hold here. Traded lower on Friday on heavy volume. We'll see what happens this week?

$WTW Still on the move

$OTEX Climbing higher

$ALXN A Biotech setting up

$SOHU on the move, $SINA creating a Pivot Point.

30min Chart

Retailer's $UA $LULU $EL $RL $COH $TIF $FOSL

Ferts Just Getting Started $CF $POT $MOS $AGU

$OPEN Setting up again