March 22, 2011

$EOG Trade Today

One of my rules while day trading, is if a stock gaps up, I do not buy the stock until it takes out the high of the first 30 minute range. EOG gapped up today and felt fairly strong. I had Buy Stops set at 113.40. Stops below my moving averages, and roughly a target of 114.50 - 14.75. I ended up taking trade off at 114.00 as I saw some resistance on the daily between 114.30+, and figured I could re-enter if it set up again.

A Monthly look at $BIIB

This stock has been in range for over 10+ years. I set an alert at 86.00. Maybe in another 10 years when my alert goes off, I'll buy it..
"I have always fully understood that I am not the only one who knows that the stock market is the world’s biggest gold mine, sitting at the foot of the island of Manhattan. A gold mine that opens its doors every day and invites anyone and everyone in to plump its depths and leave with wheelbarrows full of gold bars, if they can – and I have done it. The gold mine is there all right, and every day somebody plumps its depths, and when the bell rings at the end of the day they have gone from pauper to prince, or gone from prince to supreme potentate, or gone stony broke. And it’s always there waiting." - J.L.

Further Downside for $COH

COH double topped at 58.50. Last week it broke down thru support (51.30ish). The measured move to the downside falls in line with heavier support put in early 2010 between 43.00 and 45.00.

$LULU Weekly

LULU is basing right on its 10wk line. Still a bit off it's long term trend line. But holding up well as the market pulls in a bit.

SPY Weekly

APKT pulling back to 21wk. Line

APKT is pulling back. The 21wk line might be a possible entry point. There is also a little bit of support in the 58-62.00 area from Nov./Dec. of 2010.


TZOO just clearing its buy point at 53.75. Would love to see volume ramp up.


CTCT breaking out this week and into all time highs.


APA Weekly

APC Weekly

CNX Weekly

"I am fully aware that of the millions of people who speculate in the markets, few people spend full time involved in the art of speculation. Yet, as far as I'm concerned it is a full-time job -- perhaps even more than a job. Perhaps it is a vocation, where many are called but few are singled out for success." - J.L.

DO Weekly

WLT Weekly

JPM Weekly

GS Weekly

EOG Weekly 2

EOG Weekly

APA Weekly

DO Weekly