March 29, 2011

National Inflation Association

National Inflation Association - 12 Warning Signs of U.S. Hyperinflation

Where I went wrong placing my stop in $APC

I had my stop placed 2pts. from my entry at 83.17, at 81.17. However, after looking closer at my 30 min chart, I should've had it in two spots. Either on a break of the 50ma at 82.35 or a little below 81.00. That's not to say this trade is going to work or not. I just felt I was stopped out prematurely. 

$APA - 30min set up

Earnings April 28th

$WYNN - 30min Set up

$USO - 30min

$COP - remaining strong

COP has remained strong, bounced back to highs off of 50d pretty quickly. Worth watching here.

$PNRA - Setting up here

PNRA is some what thinly traded but setting up to make a move higher. Held up well today as the market closed on lows.