March 20, 2011

One Trader's Rules

1.   Only Trade Stocks That Are In Play.

a.    Volume is a Traders Best Friend
2.   Learn to Adapt Quickly To Changes
3.   Create A Game Plan And Stick To It
4.   Stick To Your Trades And Believe In Your Preparation
a.    Always Add Prices To Alerts
5.   Recognize The Type Of Trade
a.    Scalp
b.   Swing
c.    Momentum
d.   Etc…
6.   Stick With Winners & Don’t Add To Losers
7.   Except That Small Loses Are Part Of The Game
8.   Do Not Try To Bottom Fish or Pick Tops
9.   Stay Confident And Be Positive!
10. On A Good Day, It’s Ok To Relax And Walk Away

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