December 14, 2011

Lesson Learned? I don't think so...

          Kind of a random thought that popped in my head as I heard a Young Jeezy song on Spoify this afternoon. A couple of friends and I had grabbed a bottle of Crown and Absolute and a local Strip club on a Friday night. I think we might have been celebrating tax time, but I can't quite remember the cause for celebration. Either way, we were getting hammered, as we were pretty good at it. Strippers were everywhere, the club was packed.
          We were having a great time. Having fun, strippers drinking and dancing with us. (Side note: I am not a lap dance kinda guy, I'd rather have the strippers drinking with us, listening to their made up stories is amazing.) There always seemed to be that turning point with us and our partying. A fork in the road I guess you could say, where the night continues, or it goes south...real quick. Well, this was sort of both.
         At some point in the night, I walked up to go to the bathroom.I'm standing there taking a leak when this half bald, short pudgy guy walks up to use the urinal right next to me. Just weird. he starts talking to me about strippers, this that this that yadda yadda yadda. For some reason, he decides to tell me he is with the Memphis Grizzlies. Was I supposed to be impressed?
          This is when I probably should've just kept my mouth shut. Who give a fuck I said. Athletes are a bunch of cock suckers. They treat people like shit and walk around like they own everything. Trust me I know, I've dealt with them all, I continue to rant. He started to get heated and I walk out saying, sorry buddy I stopped giving a shit about sports in the 6th grade.
         I start dancing like a retard up the stairs to Go Getta, but before I made it to my table, I was surrounded by four of the biggest black guys I've ever seen. Ahh What the fuck, I keep dancing and try to make it thru two of them. Yeah, that didn't happen. I literally thought i was going to get my ass beaten right then and there. Due to the smoke and alcohol consumption, I don't remember the exchange of words, but what I do remember, is that they drank with us the rest of the night and picked up our 3k tab...While the little pudgy guy sat alone at the bar... Boom Bam

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