December 12, 2011

Charts of Interest

Looking at the daily and weekly of the SPY. Bearish on the weekly, but if the pattern fails could spike a solid rally. With the exception of the gaps, I think daily looks pretty good. One thing I would say about the gaps for the Bulls are that the gap ups are holding for now.

ARG on watch list. 

Seen a lot of posts on the stream on CAT. I think everyone is watching the same levels.

ENB trading into new highs on Friday. Solid pocket pivot on 12/7/11.

EOG - Daily 

FFIV holding 10d on average volume. I feel the demand is there. 

GNC - watching for a break out of this small flag. 

HANS - along with Cat. I think quite a few are watching. I'm looking at entering if highs get taken out and/or follow thru day tomorrow. 

HMSY - Watching for follow thru tomorrow. 

MA and V - similar charts. Looking at adding to existing positions thru highs. 

Nice bounce on less than average volume. On watchlist for now.

N - Will enter on gap down or thru highs.

PRGO - holding 10 after a huge run. Watching for a trade thru 101.50

QCOR - pocket pivot move on Friday off the 10/21d moving averages while breaking out to new highs. Might want to consider on weakness? 

RAI on watch. Sitting on 21d. Huge volume surge on 11/17, 11/18, and 11/21

TLEO - Just recently noticed. Into new highs on Friday. 


XOM Daily & Weekly Taking out this long term descending trend line. 

TSCO - Somewhat of a longer term ascending triangle. Remaining on watchlist.

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